Our Network

Public health partnerships and coalitions

“The wise leader seeks to use the resources within the territory”SunTzi

The Institute welcomes partnerships with organizations that share our passion for healthy living and wish to be associated with our efforts.

Engaging Stakeholders

The Barefoot Doctor’s Journal seeks to create and maintain cross-sector partnerships in the community that support our mission to promote healthy lifestyles. Alliances in the community take time and legwork more than money so we will use a systematic approach and take the time to build credibility and relationships. The benefits of strong community support more than outweigh the effort needed.
! The power of networking with community alliances help us to get valuable information about staying healthy naturally out to a wider audience.

Community Partners participate in a variety of ways:

Participate in the Oxford study roundtable discussions, surveys and research to determine future directions for life- long learning and health promotion.
• Hosting events at your location providing world class programs and fostering good will in the community.

• Website listing: acknowledgement and hyperlink to sponsor site.

• Barefoot Doctor’s Journal Contributor, writer

• E-Mail sponsor, Prominent listing in our permission based e-mail newsletter (sent to 2,363every two weeks)

• Neighborhood Poster & Flyer Distribution Supporter (delivered to over 100 local businesses, coffee shops, doctors offices, libraries,etc.)

Lectures can also be scheduled at Community Partner’s locations

Proactive in the community, the program will provide lectures at various locations in the community. The modules can be delivered as separate educational programs or as a series of workshops. The goal of each module is to provide education to promote individual empowerment to lead a healthier lifestyle. Each module includes specific actions related to the session topic that can be taken to improve health.