Autumn is a time to give thanks

November 19, 2017 Joe Brady

Tips from the Yellow Emperor’s Medicine Cabinet

Autumn is a time to reflect…
If we have enjoyed bounty, give thanks,
If the year has been difficult
be happy for what you do have.
and resolve to do better when the chance appears.
Deng Ming-Dao

Autumn is a time to give thanks

“The three months of Autumn are the season for harvest.
It is getting cooler and the wind is blowing stronger.
The Qi of earth is clear and everything is changing color.
Go to sleep when it is dark and get up at dawn, just like the rooster.
Keep calm and relaxed and keep your vital energy in good balance.
It will help you resist the adverse influence of the cold autumn air.
That is the way to adapt to autumn and nurture the harvesting Qi.
Violating it will result in injury to the lungs (cold & flu).”
Huang Di Nei Jing The Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Internal Medicine

The Gate of the Moon: Autumnal Meditation

An energetic balance between day and night,
yet yin is growing and sunset comes sooner.
Facing west, Practice Nourishing Qi breathing using the sssss sound for the Lungs,
as you exhale visualize breathing out dirty Qi and gray energy from the lungs,
breathing in, draw in clouds of healing white energy and visualize the body becoming beautiful white jade.

Herbs for Fall

Flower teas are drunk in Fall to help balance Yin and Yang
Ginger and Brown Sugar Tea warms the Body

Ban Lan Gen Tea prevents colds and flu

Tangerine peel and Green Tea – for cough and phlegm


Foods for an autumn diet

Developing an awareness of seasonal diets can help to tune you in to the changing rythyms of nature, and the challenges that each season brings.
In autumn eat more spicy, pungent foods (garlic, ginger, turnips, radishes) to help cleanse and protect the lungs. To support the wei Qi (immune function) eat lots of dark green vegtables and red, orange or yellow foods high in beta carotene, like carrots, pumpkin, broccoli. Illnesses of fall are best treated while we are healthy before cold and flu
season is upon us.

Typical health problems seen in the Chinese medical clinic in fall are:

Frequent Colds
Frontal Sinus HA
Grief Sadness
IBS and abdominal problems
Nasal Problems, Sinusitis
Stiff Neck
SOB/ Wheezing
also a variety of aches and pains, shoulders, neck and back as the weather changes.

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